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Bachelor Exam / Thesis.
*NOTE: Actual layout and technical drafts available here (pdf format).

The brief was to select a historic structure in the Bergen area and reimagine its purpose. I chose the culturally significant yet unprepossessing, Skyrr 11,  a shed that currently serves as a storage facility on the Bryggen waterfront. My proposal envisages that the old shed will be reborn as The Bike Shack – a place to park, service, hire and refresh. This would act as the centrepiece in a wider project aimed at transforming Bergen into a bicycle-friendly city.

The Bike Shack would fulfill the need for a central location where cyclists can find secure parking, maintenance facilities and hire-bikes. I wanted the project to positively impact the city landscape and its residents by revitalising and old landmark and reinforce urban pride.  At the same time, the initiative should symbolise the broader efforts that are being made by the municipality to try and improve Bergen’s bicycling infrastructure.

Many city residents work close to Bryggen or are within easy walking distance of it. The fact that this area is also the focal point for tourism brings about further possibilities. For that reason, my proposal includes a small cafe, called Refresh.

The Bike Shack at Bryggen would be supported by a network of parking huts placed in strategic locations throughout the city. These were designed with the cafe identity in mind and should be easily recognizable as part of The Bike Shack brand. In order to strengthen the concept, I also created a simple, yet striking logo that helps to establish a strong brand and identity.

The Bike Shack. Park. Service. Hire. Refresh.

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site and presentation

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