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The brief was to create an experimental overnight space on an abandoned hydro-power site in Sotra, Norway. The site is rugged and dramatic, yet serene in its isolation. My aim was to design a space that seems to change its shape by mimicking the surroundings. I wanted the shelter to reflect a harmony with nature. Important themes for achieving this were: invisibility, dematerialisation and self-sustainability (off-grid energy).

The pod is designed as an organic shape. The internal space is intimate, yet permeable to the outside. It provides a high standard of basic accommodation for two people for an overnight stay. Main areas: relax/ sleeping, storage and private ablutions. The external structure takes its inspiration from Ross Lovegrove’s Alpine capsule, and consists of two acrylic layers separated by gas insulation. The outside is in mirror finish, while it is completely transparent from the inside. The materials and shape reflect and transmit light, enabling the pod to blend in with its surroundings.

“Early naturalists referred to Amoeba as the Proteus animalcule after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape.”​

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