NIL product of the month, Nov 2013.

Top combines the contrasts of dawn and dusk. My intention was to create a playful lighting piece with a focus on motion and contrasting materials. The lamp has an in-built dimmer switch and can be maneuvered to different levels for functional or more atmospheric light. The spinning top shape and flat upper plane give it a floating appearance, as well as altering space and mood.

After carving a wooden mould for the bottom shape, it was vacuum formed and the remaining pieces fashioned out of mdf board and ash wood.

b8fa6c_bfdb47aea290fc3edf3ffff519547c41b8fa6c_8539076673eb5a75b0c8d4dd1f7241bd          b8fa6c_8b3cd73d4019e4db6ebae9e626fcbc7d                                                             b8fa6c_6ed433027ca35e050c765bc4c38ebbff (2)                    b8fa6c_4234edb818ce61a6c67c7b3d6dde0fe5 (2)                   b8fa6c_2f8b77b46199b97a8726fdaa0634435b