nemo collection



Working with light is magical. You become the ‘puppeteer’ of a given space. I wanted to explore how to recreate some of the beauty and drama of nature inside our living areas.
The Nemo lamp collection draws its inspiration from the small, elegant jellyfish that inhabit our ocean.  They are character-ful and magical; perfect candidates for a new lighting family. Through the combination of contrasting materials, textures and colour, this was translated into lighting.
With bent steel legs and formed felt shades, the lightweight lamps provide mood and functional lighting while also aiding with acoustics. The lamps come in three sizes and individual names matching their real-life counterparts: the tall “Man-o-war”, the medium “Box” and the short “Moon”. Whether standing alone, or as a family, Nemo lamps add character and warmth to any living space.
These prototypes were hand-made at the academy workshops. Materials are P.E.T felt, 6mm diameter steel rod legs, textile cord and LED bulbs.
Exact dimensions and sizes are available on request.


b8fa6c_34f41d1fc1584735abe5b26576fc36ce b8fa6c_e2f8e22b4cbd4174acb8725302323143 b8fa6c_4e2408b1a18345b89b011208934e4d39

2 wood shaping - bright                  b8fa6c_3011afa35982407782255a58b55c5013

b8fa6c_babd80eb6c414c24a7fe6dd367e461e7               b8fa6c_24c634ff07cf4bd399ab4a290b884838

b8fa6c_c2262d3ca28c4ef488373424cc62da77  b8fa6c_ded907a0def34013ba367bda7b7921fd


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