vik prison

design as a tool of empowerment


This project took place at a prison in Vik, a small town that lies inland from one of the deepest fjords in Norway. The area is very green and the surrounding hills boast an abundance of trees and numerous waterfalls, while the cool fjord rests below. The brief was to develop a collection of objects that tell a story in that context. Another important factor was for the project to be sustainable and realistic, such that the collection can be developed and produced in the prison workshops after our departure.
Things to consider: What is unique to the area (concept), consider the context (prison, the town, landscape, people) and what stories we can build into the objects to make them relevant and unique? Working as two design students and two inmates per group – we came up with the ‘jailbird’ concept – a playful, ironic take on products that are made in such a situation. Our focus was on a collection of 2D and 3D bird house products. With an abundance of wood in the area, this made an appropriate main material choice. In addition, the available material also dictates much of the design and ensures that each product is unique.
Our idea is that the inmates can design and make various bird house/ feeder products and package these to send home as gifts for their children, or families in the local area.


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askøy memorial

*group project


The community of Askøy approached our school with the possibility to design a memorial for two of the children who were killed on the island of Utøya during the tragic events of July 2011. This is an assignment that we began as a class in December 2011, a humbling experience and our first ‘real’ project.
We initially worked in groups of 3-4 to come up with different concepts for a memorial sculpture. After a presentation to the local community, our group’s design was chosen to develop further. Our idea was simple and strong; comprising of two main sculptural shapes, each one designed specifically to represent the personality of each of the children. There is a specific point where they overlap and connect. I have included just one week of the ongoing work in this portfolio, which shows our preparation for a second presentation to the clients in February 2012.
To unite the two main elements, we decided to concentrate the bulk of the colour and lighting where they intersect. This, we considered, to be the heart of the sculpture. The community’s reaction and feedback to our final presentation was a positive one, and after taking the details, they managed to realize the project during the following year. The final images included here show how the sculpture sits in its location on the island of Askøy.


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nemo collection



Working with light is magical. You become the ‘puppeteer’ of a given space. I wanted to explore how to recreate some of the beauty and drama of nature inside our living areas.
The Nemo lamp collection draws its inspiration from the small, elegant jellyfish that inhabit our ocean.  They are character-ful and magical; perfect candidates for a new lighting family. Through the combination of contrasting materials, textures and colour, this was translated into lighting.
With bent steel legs and formed felt shades, the lightweight lamps provide mood and functional lighting while also aiding with acoustics. The lamps come in three sizes and individual names matching their real-life counterparts: the tall “Man-o-war”, the medium “Box” and the short “Moon”. Whether standing alone, or as a family, Nemo lamps add character and warmth to any living space.
These prototypes were hand-made at the academy workshops. Materials are P.E.T felt, 6mm diameter steel rod legs, textile cord and LED bulbs.
Exact dimensions and sizes are available on request.


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2 wood shaping - bright                  b8fa6c_3011afa35982407782255a58b55c5013

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from a line drawing to a stool
My very first prototype build. Some criteria: max height 550mm, holding a min of 60kg weight and shouldn’t weigh more than 1.5kg. Things to consider: folding, packing, stacking and carrying. 
My concept involves two main ideas: it is made up of two simple shapes that interact to make an inquisitive and playful extra seating option. One element acts as a handle or arm, and the other as the seat. It can be flat packed and easily assembled by a single person. Similarly, it can be disassembled and stored away easily or hung on the wall as an interesting talking piece.


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home renovation

NOTE: High quality complete project slides are available here.

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This project totalled 14 hand drafted technical drawings of a two STORY private residence, however, I have included only a sample of the various drafts here.
We were given a basic layout of an existing building and able to shift or remove certain interior walls as well as add elements and apply our own ideas to parts of the roof and upper level.​  I divided the building into specific zones, such as; inside/ outside, private/ public, work/ play, socialising and storage. Concentrating the bedrooms in one wing, meant that I could open up the middle of the house on each level for public space. I used the original lines of the building to elongate the space and make clean and easy traffic zones and connections between the inside and outside. Furthermore, widening the angle of the A-frame roof allowed more usable space on the upper level.
The complete scheme included: Plans of both floors 1:100, Floor plan of ground floor 1:100, Working plan of each floor including dimensions, insulation, material details etc. 1:50, Furniture plans of each floor 1:50, Lighting plan of the first floor 1:50, Four Interior Elevations 1:20, and 2 Sections 1:100.










NIL product of the month, Nov 2013.
Top combines the contrasts of dawn and dusk. The lamp is dimmable and, using the (dimmer switch) handle, can be maneuvered to different heights for functional or more atmospheric light. The spinning top shape and flat top plane mean that it appears to float and alters the mood and space.
Concept: Using a shallow ‘spinning top’ form and a focus on motion to create a playful and poetic piece that both brings light and alters space architecturally. The flat top plane and milky glow underneath tell different stories when placed at varying levels in a space.
After carving a wooden mould for the bottom shape, it was vacuum formed and the remaining pieces fashioned out of mdf board and ash wood.



b8fa6c_8539076673eb5a75b0c8d4dd1f7241bd               b8fa6c_8b3cd73d4019e4db6ebae9e626fcbc7d

Some themes explored: rhythm, motion, form, drama, humour.


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