NIL product of the month, Nov 2013.
Top combines the contrasts of dawn and dusk. The lamp is dimmable and, using the (dimmer switch) handle, can be maneuvered to different heights for functional or more atmospheric light. The spinning top shape and flat top plane mean that it appears to float and alters the mood and space.
Concept: Using a shallow ‘spinning top’ form and a focus on motion to create a playful and poetic piece that both brings light and alters space architecturally. The flat top plane and milky glow underneath tell different stories when placed at varying levels in a space.
After carving a wooden mould for the bottom shape, it was vacuum formed and the remaining pieces fashioned out of mdf board and ash wood.



b8fa6c_8539076673eb5a75b0c8d4dd1f7241bd               b8fa6c_8b3cd73d4019e4db6ebae9e626fcbc7d

Some themes explored: rhythm, motion, form, drama, humour.


b8fa6c_2bbf94dcd028b37371780f65b0494647                                           b8fa6c_ae09c33dd657a8a75c30fd7a18657b6e

b8fa6c_6ed433027ca35e050c765bc4c38ebbff                                           b8fa6c_2f8b77b46199b97a8726fdaa0634435b

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