from a line drawing to a stool
My very first prototype build. Some criteria: max height 550mm, holding a min of 60kg weight and shouldn’t weigh more than 1.5kg. Things to consider: folding, packing, stacking and carrying. 
My concept involves two main ideas: it is made up of two simple shapes that interact to make an inquisitive and playful extra seating option. One element acts as a handle or arm, and the other as the seat. It can be flat packed and easily assembled by a single person. Similarly, it can be disassembled and stored away easily or hung on the wall as an interesting talking piece.


b8fa6c_b79cad27b56f39377c71068e408fa6f6                                        b8fa6c_73c360c3fc862d78f361405d5294bf09

b8fa6c_0c1834044706602e4025a27e0051b6e3             b8fa6c_6f922c3c3236e80c85836f589d2ef2e9




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